Are You Ready for 404?   Questions for the CIO
Answer This!
1. What data appears on the Financial Reports for which your company's CEO/CFO are accountable?

2. What IT systems touch each piece of data as it moves along the trail from data entry to reporting?

3. Who has governance and stewardship responsibilities for those systems?

4. For every step along the data trail for each piece of data, what process moves the data from one IT object to the next?

5. What is the COSO / COBIT maturity level for this process?

6. Who is empowered to modify this process?

7. When is it modified?

8. Why is it modified?

9. Where is the documentation for this process and involved IT systems?

10. What control standards are used?

11. Where are control records maintained?

12. What mechanism is in place that allows the CFO to quickly review the answers to all these questions and to drill down through details?

For each piece of data on my financial reports,

Who in my organization can alter the data that feeds financial reports? 
Who modifies processes that move the data? 
Who governs the applications that hold the data?

What are the enterprise IT systems that touch data
along the path from data entry to financial reports? 
What legacy systems touch the data?
What standalone spreadsheets and databases?
What Data Marts?
What data movement utilities?

When do processes and systems change?

Where is documentation for this particular step (process and systems)?
Where is information about how this step is controlled?

Why would processes and systems for this step change?